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  • Are you alright? Sorry to hear about your bad dreams :(

    Asked by hellaheron

    I’m good :) it’s okay. It happens ya know? This time two years ago a night like that would have floored me for the day and I wouldn’t have left my bed. But now I’m stronger and I’m better able to cope. Knowing you’re stronger now really helps when the bad times hit :)

    Just like to say I read your answer about mental illness and after going through that myself for 4 years, I can completely agree with what you said! I wish more people were like you and took the time to understand! Society needs to be educated on it.

    Thank you love!

    People really do need educating but there’s doesn’t seem to be much of a push for it.

    Hi I saw that you had a PTSD episode. I hope you are ok and feeling better. If you ever want someone to talk to and maybe make you feel better just leave me a message or something xx

    Asked by meganiscott

    You’re lovely. Thank you!

    Whats pstd?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Post traumatic stress disorder. Google it for more information.

    Hey, are you okay? I suffer with anxiety myself and know how crappy it is to wake up after that kind of sleep.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yeah I’m okay :) thank you. I’m off to work and feeling much better now.

    What kind of book do you like to read?? :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    I like reading all kinds of books!

    Why do you think there is still such a stigma attached to mental illness?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I think there are many reasons, to be honest. I think a large part of it comes from a general lack of education about mental illnesses and how they impact people and families. Mental illnesses are still hushed up and not openly discussed like they should be. If people don’t understand something, it’s hard for them to not be judgmental. 

    I believe another large reason for the stigma comes from how mental illness impacts a person. Think about it, when someone has a physical illness you can see it, you can see them and their body changing and you are actually witness to what the illness is doing to someone. With a mental illness, it can’t be seen really. You can’t see someones brain chemistry or their thoughts. If you can’t see it, it musn’t be real? right? 


    Another factor to remember is how easily mental illnesses are thrown around as expressions or emotions. For example:
    "I didn’t get those concert tickets, oh my god i’m so depressed"
    "It’s messy, clean it up i’m so OCD"
    "I hate public speaking, i’m so anxious"
    "I didn’t eat lunch, i’m so anorexic"
    "He’s crazy!"
    "The voices in my head told me to do it"
    These are all things you’ve probably heard mentally stable people say. They’re obviously not battling a mental illness but instead choose to use the phrases to express how the feel. 
    Because being upset and being depressed are the same, right?
    Being scared and being anxious are the same, right?
    Skipping lunch and being anorexic are the same, right?
    Being a little loopy and being crazy or the same, right? 

    No. Not right. So freaking far from right. 

    Mental illness scares those who don’t live with it. You say depression and most people think of self harm and suicide, when the truth is not everyone who is depressed battle those demons. But suicide is scary, so maybe if we just don’t talk about the depression, we won’t have to deal with that? Right? 

    Wrong again. 

    People care more about WHAT happened to you then if you’re actually okay. No one wants to deal with the sick person but oh my god they love the gossip of what caused you to be this way. 

    Think back to you younger middle school years? We all knew those few people who pretended to have depression or anxiety for the attention. Those people don’t help either because they do get the attention but they aren’t accurately portraying what mental illness is actually like. 

    When a mentally ill person is represented in media they are represented as extremely as possible. It’s not at all an accurate representation. 

    People seem to believe people can just “get over” or “turn off” their mental illness. Which is ridiculous. It’s something you have no control of. 

    I believe that in order to combat the stigma that come with mental illness we need to widely educate people about the TRUTHS of mental illness. The stigma is extremely harmful and detrimental. Many people don’t seek the help and support they need because they’re ashamed of their struggles and their illness. 

    I’d write more but i’m already late for work.