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  • I think it's gross that you eat pussy

    Asked by Anonymous

    I also put my fingers in it.

    How fascinating. Please do tell me more, "pussy is gross" anon, about how you, a woman, think that other women's vaginas are gross. Do I detect just a pinch of hypocrisy? You enjoy your smelly alien-looking meat logs attached to furry stinky greasebeasts while I continue to admire every inch of goddesses! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Asked by Anonymous

    oh my god…

    I need a minute!

    Look I can admit I find women attractive sometimes. But in like an artistic way. But seriously, you lick a girls pussy? It's gross. And I'm not afraid to say it.

    Asked by Anonymous

    That’s your opinion. Don’t come to lesbian blog and be offended by the lesbians lol. 

    You think pussy is gross, I think dick is gross. I don’t go tell straight people that. Why, because i’m a decent human and what they do doesn’t impact me at all. Are straight guys gross for enjoying pussy too? 

    What’s it like living in that ignorant, immature, homophobic mind? 

    Enjoy your artistic appreciation. I’ll enjoy pussy. 

    I literally want to applaud your response to the 'cute lesbians' anon. Lesbians are people. Not 'aw I love lesbians they're so cute.' I hate how people think they're doing people a favour and we should be grateful that they accept your sexuality as 'cute' or 'fabulous' It's not a fucking dress sense, it's a sexuality. Rant over.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Exactly! Rant accepted and approved!