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  • the-inspired-lesbian:

    But seriously, why do you blog if you don’t follow her?

    The posts are all incredibly. I mean look, puppies and pretty girls! What more do you want?! The girl who runs this blog is actually incredible and I adore her. She’s just so unbelievably sweet. The blog itself is interesting and the posts are things everyone could enjoy. 

    Check it out and make your dash better :) 

    R u gay or lesbain or bisexule becoz im bi n I dont want to follow u if ur just sum straite guy gettin off over girls kissin other girls please tell me becoz i do like this blog but like who are u and why do u post pictures of lesbians all the time.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Oh my lord. I’m sorry but I just can’t deal with this one…

    Here, watch this:

    So, before when i was first finding out i was gay i thought guys were so disgusting. But now I don't think they're that bad but i still wouldnt date them. I find straight porn really hot. Is that weird at all? Idk. I like all porn bc im a pervert and proud. Does any of this make me bi? cause i really enjoy being gay and i really dont want to like guys at all. I dont think i do im just confused.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hun, I’m sorry but I can’t label you. Nor can I tell you what your feelings mean.

    Do you think that some people try to hard to be (or try to appear to be) gay? If so, what things do those particular people do that cause them to (appear to) be over the top?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I don’t think people “Ty too hard to be gay”. I think people are gay and they express that and that’s fantastic.

    So thrilled that you'll be doing youtube, much luck and I'm very looking forward to the vids! :)

    Thank you :) I’m excited to because I have an amazing group of girls joining me. It’s been a little delayed due to personal reasons but will be moving forward very soon :)

    i just wanted to say that i agree wholeheartedly with that advice you just gave that person. i've identified as a lesbian as long as i knew how to put it into words (though i didn't come out til i was 19) but i also identify as asexual. yet i know that i AM attracted to women only. it's absolutely nothing to do with sex and it's good that you're acknowledging that; some people who run these type of blogs are legit like "well do you wanna have sex with them?" which is a different matter.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you :) and thank you for sharing this with me and my followers.
    I think it’s important for young girls to realize that sex isn’t everything in a relationship, nor does it define them.

    Hi I'm 15 and I'm honestly so confused right now. I'm definitely starting to like girls more than boys but I've never had any sexual experience with either. Do you think it's necessary to have experience like that to figure out who I'm really attracted to?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I don’t think you need any sexual or romantic experience with a gender to know how you feel about them.

    The whole idea that you have to have sex with a girl and enjoy to know you’re a lesbian is so wrong on so many levels.
    To start with, attraction isn’t all about sex and neither is sexual orientation. It’s not just about who you want to fuck. It’s about so much more than that and so many more levels of attraction.

    Next, how many straight people have sex or relationships before they know they’re straight? I have a straight friend who is pretty disgusted by sex with men and doesn’t enjoy it. But she is straight. She falls in love with men.

    Sex is fluid. A lesbian can have sex with a man and still be a lesbian. A straight girl can have sex with a girl and still be straight.

    Now I’m getting off topic. The point is that it doesn’t matter what experience you have. You know who you are even if you’ve never had sex because sex is one of many different kinda of attraction.